Located in Brooklyn, NY.

Request a resume at gpetron@gmail.com

Gloria Petron

User Experience Research & Design


  • Interviewing people to discover why and how they use a web application
  • Translating interview findings into recommendations for management
  • Creating and testing prototypes to work through interface challenges
  • Creating personas, presentations, and style guides
  • Getting IT developers, executives, and designers to work together

About Me

As a kid, I drew the human figure from my imagination. Then I went to art school and learned how to draw from a model. Far from being a squelch on my imagination, I discovered that this disciplined approach to drawing yielded far richer results.

Fast forward to the dotcom years, when I designed interfaces according to my perception of common sense. Then I went to work for a Fortune 100 company with a user experience team and learned about goal-directed design. Far from cramping my style, I discovered that this disciplined approach also yields far richer results.