Located in Brooklyn, NY.

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Gloria Petron

User Experience Research & Design

Favorite Quotes

"If we engage constantly in very tedious and complex and frustrating interactions, we will become that kind of person. If we instead function simply, transparently and efficiently, we will be imbued with those qualities as individuals." — Jeff Seager, IXDA.org

"Design for needs, not features." — Peter Skillman, Palm

"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement."
— Mark Twain

Reading List


  • 2009 GEL Conference. Favorite speakers: Robin Nagle, NYU professor and anthropologist of New York City's sanitation workers; Zina Saunders and her wish for a life of potholes; Noah Scalin and his collection of skulls; Jamy Ian Swiss and the deconstruction of magic.
  • 2008 GEL Conference. Favorite speakers: Kelly Dobson & The Purring Coffee Bean; Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver on how American bread isn't natural; Dr. Bridget Duffy of the Cleveland Clinic on improving the patient experience; Natasha Schull and her fascinating inside look at the Nevada slot machine industry.
  • Usability Week 2008, NYC, April 2008. Application Usability 2: Dialogue and Workflow Design, Chris Nodder.
  • 2007 GEL Conference. Favorite speakers: Mark Hurst, on the concept of the empty InBox; Danny Meyer on the importance of hospitality in any industry; Peter Skillman (Palm Pilot) on the process of evolving a design; Marie Lorenz who built, sank, and rescued her own boat in the East River; John Williams, founder of Frog's Leap Vineyards on drinking, motorcycles, and the joy of blowing things up.
  • 2007 Future of Web Design. Favorite speakers: Ryan Singer(37Signals, Basecamp.com) and Robert Hoeckman (Miskeeto.com), on improving interaction design, and Jeffrey Kalmikoff (Threadless.com) on community sites.